Quantum Neurology® Homecoming Talks 2017
November 11-12, 2017
George Gonzalez, D.C. speaks
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Dr. George Gonzalez, D.C., Founder of Quantum Neurology®
Quantifying Nerve Damage with the QN Nerve Score™
Dr. Gonzalez is introducing his BrainShock™ concept and the preliminary research on using the QN Nerve Score™ to quantify nerve findings. The Nerve Score™ gives an outcome assessment of the individual's nerve function, measuring the severity of their BrainShock™.

Dr. Howard Cohn, D.C
Dr. Howard Cohn, D.C., QNCP, QN Doctor of the Year 2017
Going the Distance in Quantum Neurology®
Dr. Howard Cohn shares his insights of having a thriving practice for over 25 years and how using Quantum Neurology® is the future of clinical practice.
Dr. Woody Beck, D.C., QNCP
Advanced Concepts in Using Magnets in Nerve Rehabilitation
For centuries magnets have been used for healing. Dr. Woody Beck is harnessing the power of magnets to remove pain, increase range of motion, and improve function. He will be sharing his unique perspective on how magnets effect the holographic nervous system.
Dr. Ed Chauvin, D.C., QNCP
Evaluating and Exercising the Parasympathetic Nervous System
Dr. Ed Chauvin will be sharing how to balance the nervous system. If you're dealing with Type A, sympathetic dominant, stressed out, can't sleep or digest people, this talk will show you how to shift back into rest, digest, and heal mode.
Dr. James Sheen, D.C., QNCP
BrainShock: Clinical Applications and Ramifications
Dr. James Sheen will be presenting clinical cases which demonstrate BrainShock™ and the clinical importance of this model of thought.

Del Bigtree, Producer of Vaxxed
The Irrefutable Argument Against Vaccine Safety 
In this talk, Del will illustrate the gross lack of vaccine safety in the United States. He will make the case for the irrefutable argument against vaccine safety.
Dr. Jennifer Hartley, D.C., ND, QNCP 
Quantum Neurology in the Treatment of Paralysis and How Your Practice Can Benefit 
Learn how to use Quantum Neurology® to significantly improve the life quality and health progression with those that have suffered from paralysis, and learn how your practice can benefit by participating in a Foundation who provides care to individuals in need. .
Dr. Noah Moos, D.C.,QNCP 
Powering Up the Nervous System - Restoring the Nervous System Charge
This talk with explain the importance of electrolytes in physiology in maintaining the Nervous System.
This talk will explain the importance of electrolyte physiology in maintaining the Nervous System. Dr. Moos will show how to quickly identify and correct electrolyte imbalances in your patients to optimize their Nervous System health
Dr. Bob Hoffman, D.C.,QNCP
The 6 Essential Areas That Require Balance In Your Life
Every healer and every successful person fully understands the value and benefits of having balance. We need balance in our nervous system, in how we run our business, in our personal and professional lives, in our communication and in ways to maximize our productivity and profitability. This class will cover this and more in great detail and in amazingly practical ways.
Dr. David Shum, D.C.
Dr. David Schum, DC, QNCP
Event MC and QNCP Mentor
Dr. David Shum will be the Event MC for the Homecoming Talks Event and plays a very important role as the Quantum Neurology™ mentor. He helps doctors answer any questions they may have about the program and guides them through the next level. 

Seminar Information

Early Registration (Until June 1st): Standard $600 / QNCP $500 / Spouse or CA $400
Regular Registration (June 2nd till Nov 9th) : Standard $750 / QNCP $650 / Spouse or CA $1,000
At Door Registration (Door Price): Standard $1,500 / QNCP $1,000 / Spouse or CA $750

DoubleTree by Hilton Los Angeles Westside
6161 W. Centinela Ave
Culver City, CA 90230
(310) 649-1776

8:00am – 5pm each day
Registration starts at 7:30am Friday morning.
*Optional – Early Registration/Welcome in the hotel lounge Thursday the 9th from 6-8pm
*Optional – Sunday Brunch with Dr. Gonzalez in the hotel restaurant, Share, Sunday the 12th from 8-11am

Price: $85
Reception includes a no-host bar, dancing, raffle, awards ceremony, and more! Business casual attire to however fancy you want to be! Dinner includes rolls with butter, salad, entree, coffee/tea, and dessert. Dinner attendees have three options: Chicken, Pasta (Vegan), and Salmon (Paleo).
Chicken: Pan Seared Breast of Chicken, Sauteed Spinach, Baby Mushrooms, Roasted Yukon Gold Potatoes, Dijon Cream Sauce
Pasta: Penne with Broccoli Florets, Asparagus, Eggplant, Capers, Garlic, Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salmon: Honey and Orange Blossom Lime Marinated Salmon, Vegetables, Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
The Salad is Mixed Baby Greens with Toasted Pine Nuts, Orange Segments, Pomegranate Vinaigrette Dressing, and Blue Cheese Crumbles on the side. 

Dinner and reception will be Friday night, 11/10/17. The Seminar day ends at 5pm. Drinks Reception starts at 6:00 outside in the room foyer/vendor space. Doors open at 6:30. We have the room until midnight.
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